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What we do … differently

EF Empowerment – Training & Consultancy designs and delivers training in several areas of expertise, in which we have highly rated and long standing experience. Our consultants are experts in both law and personal empowerment, with a proven track record in providing training and advisory services across the globe.

Our service is unique in bringing a non-judgmental, personal empowerment approach to all our training. Regardless of the subject area, we believe that a focus on developing the personal skills of individuals will doubly enhance the performance of the groups, organizations and companies, of which they are part.

For Who?

EF Empowerment Training has extensive experience in developing and delivering bespoke training solutions for public and private sector clients. We have provided training for political parties, pressure groups, NGOs, Women’s Centres and Youth groups throughout Northern Ireland since 2005. We have recently been appointed to provide empowerment training for the Gingerbread in Great Britain.

On What?

Our areas of expertise cover two main areas: Empowerment and Personal Development; Law and Human Rights. In the personal development field, we coach people from all backgrounds to identify their own unique abilities and to develop their skills in communication, handling stress, public speaking and writing.  In the legal field, we cut through the jargon and complex language of law to empower people outside the legal world with the knowledge they need  in ‘real word’ terms.

Our main areas of legal training are Medical Law, Human Rights, Equality Law. However, expert opinion on any area of Law can be provided in bespoke Information Workshops written specifically for your organisation and for media commentary. Our Personal Empowerment training and Event Speaking can also be tailored to meet your requests.


We provide on-site training and facilitation across the UK and Ireland. Our wider research, consultancy and event speaking services are available globally.

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